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Have you had repeated problems with your Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Cherokee transmission, electrical, or other drivability defects? We’ve learned that Jeep Cherokee vehicles have had problems RPM issues and gear shifting. Cherokee owners have also reported issues with the auto start/stop system receiving flash updates from dealerships to fix with customers still having problems. If your authorized dealer has been unable to fix your vehicle, it may be a lemon. Lemon Laws protect you when the manufacturer or authorized service representative is unable to service or repair a vehicle's warranty defects after a reasonable number of attempts. Document the defects; we recommend you take photos, keep a log of the dates, and where the defect occurred. Having detailed records will help you make the case that the dealership has not taken the necessary steps to properly diagnose and repair your car. If you leased or purchased your Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Cherokee in California, we can help.

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