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The Lemon Law Process

A Los Angeles Lemon Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

When a vehicle is defective, you may qualify for a refund or replacement under California’s lemon laws. You may be entitled to additional compensation, depending on the case, and a lemon lawyer in Los Angeles who has experience in this field can offer insight that applies to your unique situation.

Lemon laws typically apply to new or used vehicles that are still under warranty. By calling The Bravo Law Firm, APC, you can find out whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, help you understand California lemon law buyback, and what remedies may be available to you.

Refund or Buyback

Depending on whether you purchased or leased your vehicle, you may be entitled to specific compensation if it qualifies as a lemon.

This may include:

  • The down payment
  • Lease or loan payments
  • Sales tax, finance charges, and other collateral charges
  • Rental car expenses
  • Tow expenses
  • Your loan balance or remaining lease obligation


If you receive a replacement vehicle for a lemon:

  • The replacement must be reasonably identical to your vehicle at the time of its lease or purchase.
  • It must be covered by the same service contract and must also include any other options that you added, such as rustproofing.
  • You have the right to be reimbursed for rental car expenses, tow costs, and other collateral costs.

Mileage Offset

When a lemon is replaced or a refund is issued, there is a mileage offset formula the manufacturer will use to adjust the value based on the amount of miles you drove the vehicle before encountering any issues. This is accomplished by multiplying the purchase price by the mileage at the first repair attempt, then dividing the total by 120,000 (the average life expectancy of a vehicle).

For example, if you paid $30,000 for the vehicle and drove 10,000 miles before your first repair attempt, the mileage offset would be $2,500. (30,000 x 10,000 / 120,000 = 2,500)

Cash Compensation

In cases where a vehicle may not qualify as a lemon, a manufacturer may provide a cash settlement to compensate you for the problems that have arisen. You will keep the vehicle and the settlement, without affecting the remaining warranty.

Attorney Fees

THE MANUFACTURER WILL PAY YOUR ATTORNEY FEES! In California, lemon law damages cover attorney fees; meaning if your car is determined to be a lemon, the manufacturer or dealer should be responsible for paying attorney fees on your behalf. You pay NOTHING out of pocket regardless.

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